7 DEC 2016


Secțiunea 1.2. Nutriție


17.00 - 19.00  - Sala B (Centru) - Amfiteatru Centrul Integrat de Medicină Dentară;

                     - Coordonatori / moderatori sesiune : Prof.dr. Mariana Păcurar

                                                                              Conf.dr. Monica Tarcea

                     - Secretar : Drd. Edwin Bechir


Abstract presentations:

17.00 Study of the dietitian employability process and influencing factors in Romania

Ruța Florina



17.15 Differences in consumption of food groups between overweight and normal weight individuals in Romania - online study

Rus Victoria

17.30 The influence of the marketing messages for unhealthy food on students eating behavior

Cernelev Olga

18.00 New technologies in combating smoking - electronic cigarettes( literature review)

Topada Aculina

18.15 Some results about prohibition selling of tobacco products to persons under the age of 18

Topada Aculina

18.30 Smoking prevalence in pregnancy: comparison of self-report and saliva cotinine testing

Georgescu Ion Mihai