7 DEC 2016


Secțiunea 1.1. Medicină Preclinică


17.30 - 19.30  - Sala B (Centru) - Amfiteatru Centrul Integrat de Medicină Dentară;

                     - Coordonatori / moderatori sesiune : Prof.dr. Cristina Dehelean

                                                                              Proff.dr. Pavai Zoltan

                     - Secretar : Drd. Ion Valentin


Abstract presentations:


17.30 Clinico-immunological and epidemiological correlations of Tuberculosis/HIV coinfections in HIV infected patients in Olt County in the 2005-2015 period

Calarasu Cristina


17.45 The internal failure quality costs in a clinical laboratory

David Remona


18.00 MDR1 3435T>C gene polymorphisms and risk of nephrotic syndrome in children

Tripon Florin


18.15 Genetic investigation of cytokine gene polymorphisms on cerebral ischemia in rats

Crauciuc Andrei


18.30 Analysis of the county level allocation of the funds in 2013-2015 for home care services by the Romanian National Health Insurance House

Lorenzovici Laszlo


18.45 Genotype-phenotype correlations in structural abnormalities of chromosome 18

Bogliş Alina


19.00 Analysis of FR alpha organization in polarized, non-polarized MDCK cells and human breast epithelial cells – preliminary results

Polexa Alexandru