13 DEC 2017


Secțiunea 2.3. Medicină Clinică - Neuroștiințe


15.00 - 17.00  - Sala 1B - Amfiteatrul 1 CIIF

                     - Coordonatori / moderatori sesiune : Prof.dr. Rodica Bălașa

                                                                               Conf.dr. Adriana Mihai

                     - Secretar : Drd. Rareș Chinezu



15.00 Prof. dr. Mark Slevin (Marea Britanie)STILL looking for new stroke/dementia therapeutics in the 21st century

15.20 Prof. dr. Gabriel Gurman (Israel)Freud and Anesthesia


Oral abstract presentations:

15.40 Laura Bărcuțean - The immune response in multiple sclerosis patients treated with interferon beta-1b for more than a decade

15.50 Rareș Chinezu - Results of transsphenoidal surgery for non functioning pituitary adenomas in the 9th decade

16.00 Gianina Ilinoiu - Measuring the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness as a method of early diagnosis in Alzheimer’s disease

16.10 Adina Mariș - The applicability of Medical and Spiritual Hypnotherapy in cases of burnout

16.20 Istvan Zsolt Szasz - Correlations between personality disorders and axis disorders

16.30 Cristina Georgeta Covaciu - The depression prevalence rate in Romania

16.40 Nicoleta Suciu - Dimensional personality profile and its relationship with communication skills

16.50 Ștefan Adrian Martin - Shooting accuracy under training load in biathlon