13 DEC 2017


Secțiunea 4.1. Farmacie


15.00 - 16.30 - Sala 1C - Amfiteatrul 1 CIIF

                    - Coordonatori / moderatori sesiune : Prof.dr. Silvia Imre

                                                                             Prof.dr. Sipos Emese

                    - Secretar : Drd. Boda Francisc


Oral abstract presentations:

15.00 Francisc Boda - Preliminary study on the antibacterial activity of lyophilised Vipera ammodytes ammodytes snake venom

15.10 Paula Antonoaea - Influence of formulation and test variables on the in vitro availability of oxicams from polymeric films

15.20 Erzsebet Fogarasi - In vitro study of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity of red wine and its correlation with polyphenol profile

15.30 Alexandra Groșan - Identification of the plant drug Prunellae Spica based on macroscopic and microscopic characteristics

15.40 Monica Budău - Chiral discrimination of venlafaxine enantiomers by capillary electrophoresis using cyclodextrins as chiral selectors

15.50 Melania Cârcu-Dobrin - Chiral separation of amlodipine enantiomers by capillary electrophoresis using experimental design method optimization and cyclodextrins as chiral selectors

16.00 Laszlo Lorenzovici - The impact of the hospital personnel wage increase on the cost-effectiveness of health technologies / HTA studies