13 DEC 2017


Secțiunea 1.1. Medicină Preclinică și Experimentală


15.00 - 18.30  - Amfiteatrul 2 CIIF

                     - Coordonatori / moderatori sesiune : Prof.dr. Claudia Bănescu

                                                                              Proff.dr. Ovidiu Cotoi

                     - Secretar : Drd. Florin Tripon

Conferences on Section

15.00 Prof. dr. William Au (S.U.A.)Focusing onto molecular targets for development of precision and personalized medicine

15.20 Prof. dr. Bernd Kaina (Germania)DNA repair and death regulation in cells of the immune system


Oral abstract presentations:

16.00 Gergo Raduly - Aquaporin 2 expression in human fetal kidney development

16.10 Remona Eliza David - Nonconforming events management plan in the clinical laboratory

16.20 Emoke Andrea Szasz - “Plump Pink” cells: an important morphological feature in papillary thyroid microcarcinomas


16.30 - 17.00 Coffee break


17.00 Alina Bogliș - Detection of genomic imbalances in children with intellectual disability using MLPA analysis in Tîrgu Mureș

17.10 Anamaria Bumbu - Sciatic nerve regeneration in Wistar Albino rats evaluated by in vivo conductivity and in vitro 1H NMR relaxometry

17.20 Adina Huțanu - Omega 3 PUFAs significantly reduce plasma concentrations of TIMP-1 and MCP-1 in cerebral ischemic rats

17.30 George Andrei Crauciuc - The variability of healthy mice using the tail suspension test and Boissier’s test

17.40 Florin Tripon - Light-dark, dark-light and open field tests assessment. A pilot experimental study.

17.50 George Andrei Crauciuc - Corner test and black platform test protocol. A pilot study.

18.00 Ionela Movileanu - Cryopreservation – a time buyer solution for stem cells in regenerative medicine research